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Holiday Bonuses – Why They’re Important

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Holiday Bonuses – Why They’re Important


Back when I worked in the corporate world, I remember friends of mine that worked for different companies all getting really nice Christmas bonuses.  Some of them got a week’s pay, some got a day’s pay, and some got a huge chunk of cash.  No matter where I worked, the most I ever got was a $28 dollar check (half a day’s pay in the 90s), and another time I got a turkey.

I’m not sure why I worked for such unappreciative companies, but I will say that it didn’t do much to boost my morale when I busted my butt all year invoicing and billing millions of dollars and all I was worth to them at the end of the year was a turkey that they probably got a deal on because they bought them in bulk.  It wasn’t that I was unappreciative, since I’ve had employers that gave me nothing, but even my car insurance agent sends me a card at the holidays.

In my own business, there are a few very loyal clients that I’m excited to send gifts to this year.  Without them, I’d have no business, and I’m well aware of that.  I plan on sending them gift cards to Starbucks or Amazon or something.  Some other Virtual Professionals I’ve spoken to are giving out free hours.  I’d personally rather give out the gift card, because with my luck, the clients would need those free hours when I really needed the money.  I just want my clients to know that I appreciate their business, especially during the holidays when everyone is a little short on cash.

No matter what you give this year, keep in mind that your business is nothing without your clients, and for those of you that have employees, you need to appreciate them too.  They are the reason you stay in business.  Without customers and without employees, you’re nothing.  Keep that in mind and do something special for them this year.  A little thought goes a long way.

What do you plan on giving your employees and clients for Christmas?

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